The SmallBizChat with Melinda Emerson
The SmallBizChat with Melinda Emerson
A series focused on small business advice and strategies, by Melinda Emerson, known as "SmallBizLady", discussing various aspects of entrepreneurship and small business management. Get insights from experts about topics relevant to small business owners.
Melinda Emerson

How to Get Regular Local Media Coverage with Mickie Kennedy

E255 • May 29, 2024 • 15 mins

In this episode, Melinda Emerson chats with Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases, about securing local press for small businesses. They discuss Mickie's journey, tips for effectively pitching to local media, common mistakes, and his best business advice. The episode concludes with a word from the sponsor, SmallBiz Lady Academy.

Key Points

  • To get local media coverage, build a small Rolodex of less than a dozen local journalists, approach them with a personalized pitch, and foster a relationship over time.
  • Craft pitches to local media by focusing on storytelling, including human interest elements, and reverse-engineering your announcement to appeal to the journalist's audience.
  • When pitching to local media, avoid appearing too corporate; embrace your small business identity as journalists often prefer featuring unique, smaller enterprises over large, well-known companies.

Mickie Kennedy is the Founder and President of eReleases, the small business leader for press release distribution, now celebrating 25 years in business. He is an expert at helping small businesses increase their visibility and credibility. He created eReleases to give small businesses access to the media and a national newswire—all with a personal touch. He also writes for the PR Fuel blog covering PR & public relations topics. For more information:

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